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Beijing Biennial Auto Show 2010

In April 2010 the directors of EDay Life Ltd flew to China to visit some vehicle manufacturers and attend the Beijing Auto Show. They were accompanied by a Chinese technical analyst specialising in the safety aspects of car design. The auto show is seen as a major event in the global automotive calendar in a country which has the largest automotive market and ambitions of becoming a powerhouse of global automotive exports with over 990 vehicles on display. Current market volumes according to the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers are predicted to achieve full year sales of 16 million units. The China Daily (24th April 2010) projects that domestic production is projected to rise to over 13 million units for 2010 and over 19 million units in 2016 a rise of over 70% from 2010.

11 million light vehicles were produced in 2009
13 million light vehicles are projected to be produced in 2010
19 million light vehicles are expected to be produced in 2016

After spending two days at the show the range of vehicles and the focus on battery electric vehicles was obvious. Where most multi -national global brands are still offering a green product via hybrid or better performance by updating their existing technology the domestic Chinese manufacturers had an EV on display ready to drive or in development. The China Daily states that the Chinese government backs the development of electric mobility with favorable policies and subsidies to promote widespread use of the vehicles across the nation. In addition, the government owned giant State Grid and major oil suppliers are establishing a charging station network across the nation. According to an article written by Zhang Yi in the China Automotive Review the point of no return at which consumers will see the value from electric cars is when oil reaches US$120 a barrel. 

For EDay Life this is very encouraging and shows that the Chinese manufacturers are focused on meeting the needs of the market with low cost, low emission and light vehicles. At the Auto Show several domestic manufacturers were engaged in export discussions with some ready this year and more available next year. The issue of compliance with the Australian Design Rules is still a challenge for these manufacturers and one that EDay can assist.