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Car Industry

VW in 2025

11th October, 2017
According to an article in the Weekend Austratalian Magazine October 7 - 8 2017 VW are investing about $30 billion into the development of electric vehicles across the range which includes Audi, Porsche and Bentley (lets assume Skoda and SEAT will not miss out).  This sounds like a similar amount to the fine imposed for the dieselgate scandal - aagh the synergy! VW expects to have 80 models ready by 2025.

Dire warning for fuel supplies

13th July, 2010
One of Britain's most respected financial institutions has warned of ''catastrophic consequences'' for businesses that fail to prepare for a world of increasing oil scarcity and a lower carbon economy.
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Chinese close quality gap

28th June, 2010
Export quality almost within reach of Chinese car factories, survey shows
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