Technical Suppport

EDay Engineering Department has extensive experience in designing cars to suit customer expectations, legal requirements for ECE and ADR, and safety performance for NCAP.

We can provide specifications for the quality, features and performance needed for a car to be successful in western markets, including Australia, England, France, Italy, Germany and USA. We understand what changes must be made to your vehicle specifications in order to be successful in these export markets.

We have the experience and engineering expertise to design, test and certify for right hand drive, and for ECE, ADR and FMVSS requirements.

We have the expertise and experience to design for 4 Star and 5 Star NCAP safety performance, a mandatory requirement for all western markets, and soon to be a requirement for the Chinese domestic market.

We can support your company's engineering group, or independently design, test and certify vehicles for western export markets.

EDay's strength is in innovation, with the ability to introduce new technologies into your vehicles to meet customer expectations in western markets, to ensure your vehicles are successful.

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