The EDay battery vehicles will be significantly cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel equivalents and will produce zero emissions. The lowering of emissions has the support of State and Federal governments.

The first two vehicles EDay are planning to launch are electric powered passenger vehicles aimed at the high volume business commuter and family markets. Other products are being developed by the Company and will be launched over time.

Two vehicles will be launched into the Australian markets with the three power options:

  • The EDay 5 door hatch passenger vehicle aimed at the family market.
  • The EDay 3 door hatch passenger vehicle aimed at the commuter market.

All EDay battery electric vehicles will be economical, with running costs expected to be substantially lower than the petrol or diesel equivalents. The battery electric vehicles will be able to travel up to 160 kilometres on a single charge and can be charged overnight by consumers directly from their home. Electric vehicles only require regular power outlets to recharge their batteries; it will be no different than recharging a mobile phone.

Customers will be able to drive their electric vehicles each day then recharge them overnight or while they are parked in car parks set up with the necessary infrastructure.

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